Reasons why the USA is among the best places to start an eCommerce business

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There are many countries in the world where people can start different types of businesses including eCommerce businesses. However, it is often wise to see if the business you want to start is viable in the country or city where you want to start the business. Starting a business in the right country or city will go a long way to improve the chances of the business surviving and becoming successful. If you are looking for one of the best countries to start an eCommerce business, you should consider starting your business in the USA. The major reasons why the USA is among the best places to start an eCommerce business are discussed subsequently.

Support companies

When starting a business, you will need products and services from at least one other business. For example, when you are starting an eCommerce company, you will need a computer, Internet connection, and marketing services among others. This will require you to patronize a store that sells computers, an internet service provider, and a marketing company among others. In the USA, you can easily find a lot of companies that sell the products or offers the services that you are interested in. This will make it easy for you to kickstart your business. Even more interesting is the fact that you can read reviews about any of the companies you want to patronize on before patronizing them. For example, you can read about SEO companies in the US on the platform before settling for the company with great reviews and suit your needs.


Every company will hope to start making sales as soon as they start their business. Furthermore, they would want their sales to continue to grow over time. Starting an eCommerce business in the USA provides you with a prospective local customer base of over 300 million. This happens to be the number of people in the USA that could patronize your eCommerce platform even if you don’t intend to sell to other countries outside the USA. However, you could also take advantage of other countries including those within the American continent, Europe, and other continents in the world. Selling your products to them from the USA will be very easy as you could easily receive orders and ship the goods to them.


The USA is a country with a very high reputation in terms of quality of goods and a low number of scam companies. This is why many people love patronizing companies in the USA. When they order products or services from the USA, they can be sure that the products or service is of high quality. This is considering that the USA has functioning standard monitoring organization such as the Food and Drug Administration as well as the Bureau of Consumer Protection that enforce the production of only quality goods in the USA. The same is not the case with a country with China where substandard products are sometimes produced and shipped mostly to developing countries because of the low purchasing power of people in those countries as well as the fact that the developing countries often do not have an effective standard organization that enforces the quality of products imported into the country.

Purchasing Power

The USA has a very low unemployment way as well as a decent minimum wage. The implication is that everybody in the USA can easily afford the needs, most of their wants, and still have some savings. Hence, there is a very chance that there are several people that will need and be able to afford your products and/or services. This is especially after you have done your due diligence and only provide goods and services that are in high demand.