6 Tips To Keep Your Home Super Clean With Pets

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Take heart! We’ve taken the time to compile six tried and true tips to help keep your pet-friendly home smelling and looking clean. And if you need help with cleaning your house due to pets, check out CJH Cleaning Services.

1. Keep Pets Clean

If Fluffy looks like she’s gone through a mud puddle after every walk, it’s time to plan out a grooming routine to keep Fluffy looking and smelling clean and fresh. While it sounds obvious, many pet owners don’t consider that their pet may be lying in dirt and dust all day long. Don’t use pet shampoo daily; however, a quick wipe-down with plain water will often do the trick. Keep damp pets in an area that is easy to clean, such as a laundry room or kitchen, where all you have to do is wipe down the floors. Help pets dry off with a quick towel rubdown to avoid the “Eau de wet dog” scent. Occasionally, you’ll want to give them a complete spa treatment with doggy shampoos and a good combing. Some breeds will require complete professional treatment at least once per year.

2. Upgrade Furnishings

If your beloved pet won’t stay off the furnishings, it may be time to upgrade to furnishings that are pet friendly and don’t act as an animal magnet. Some materials are better at repelling pet hair and odours than others. Seek out tightly woven materials and materials such as leather that are close in colour to your pets to help give your home a new and fresh look. Don’t forget a pet-friendly throw.

3. Buy A Good Quality Vacuum Cleaner

You’ll need a vacuum cleaner that’s designed for pet hair. It will help to reduce allergens, pick up pet hair and dander, and repel odours in your home. Choose a vacuum that has strong suction and a good quality filter that will have attachments that help to suck up pet hair. Also, consider your flooring when purchasing a vacuum, some vacuum models are better for certain types of flooring than others. Plan to run your vacuum daily to get the best possible results. Clean the filter and empty the container daily as well. Don’t allow it to sit full and gather more dust and debris as it will begin to smell.

4. Set Up A Cleaning Station

Your fancy entryway may look magazine perfect, but not when you have a dog that’s been playing in a mud puddle. If you have a laundry room, set up a cleaning area there. However, if this isn’t an option, tweak the entryway somewhat and set it up with a heavy-duty doormat, towels, wipes, and even a spray bottle of water to help clean off muddy paws before allowing your pet into the house.

5. Clean Your Pets Belongings Often

Pet beds, pet toys, and even bedding all hang onto strong odours. Clean them often to help prevent “ode de la dog”. Try to buy machine-washable items or you’ll have to wash them by hand in the sink. Save this for a nice sunny day and allow them to dry out of doors to help kill odours.

6. Raid Your Pantry

If you don’t want to buy a lot of expensive cleaning products, raid the pantry. A quick spritz of vodka will help to check odours in fabrics. Baking soda is also an ideal solution to help stop and neutralize odours. Shake baking soda on rugs prior to vacuuming to help keep carpets smelling fresh. You can also sprinkle baking soda on furnishings before vacuuming. Use vinegar in wash water to help reduce and remove bad smells on toys and bedding.