Overcoming Tinnitus Through Exercise and Therapy

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Tinnitus treatment can involve a medical intervention or natural remedies. One of them you can consume natural remedies such as sonus complete.

Tinnitus can occur permanently in about 25{ccc406ac899b381283f5603474df8da5eb5db6eb5b9023b3e12fac416d1d4c8f} of sufferers. In many cases, addressing the cause can help relieve symptoms. Treatment methods may include taking antibiotics, removing earwax, changing medications or doses, treating certain neurological diseases. Then you can perform surgery to correct joint problems, go for stress or depression counseling, and treat dental problems. Tinnitus can be treated according to the cause itself. Exercise has also been shown to be an effective treatment option.

Therapy to Overcome Tinnitus

Sound therapy. The goal of sound therapy is to fill the silence with neutral sounds to distract the patient from tinnitus. This can be as simple as opening a window or leaving the TV or radio on.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Often used for anxiety or depression. This type of therapy serves to train the mind which is believed to change the way it behaves.

Tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT). This is a special type of therapy that helps train the brain to respond to tinnitus. So, you can better ignore the ringing sound.

Music therapy. Classical music, especially, can calm and relieve the patient’s reaction to tinnitus.

Acoustic therapy. The six main types of acoustic therapy are sound generators, tinnitus instruments, hearing aids, tablets or portable sound generators, and music therapy.

Biofeedback and neurofeedback. This technique connects the patient with electrodes that send signals to a computer.

Special Exercises to Relieve Tinnitus Symptoms

Exercise 1: Sit up straight and lower your chin to your chest. Interlace your fingers and place your hands behind your head. Then pull your head back, allowing your fingers to prevent movement. Don’t overexert yourself and repeat this exercise three to five times a day to help relax the spinal cord.

Exercise 2: Open the jaw as wide as possible, and while in this position, touch the roof of the mouth with the tip of the tongue. Move the tip of your tongue back toward the tonsils and hold for a few seconds. Then stick out your tongue as far as you can and hold it. Repeat this exercise four or five times.

Exercise 3: Sit up straight and move your chin up and down 20 times with a nod. Then move your chin to the side as if shaking your head 20 times. Repeat this exercise three times and be careful not to strain the neck.

Exercise 4: Stand in front of a mirror and hold your chin in your hands. Open your mouth wide and touch the tip of your tongue over your mouth. Slowly move the jaw up and down. Add a little resistance to the jaw by hand. Repeat the movement for one minute in succession. This exercise can be repeated three times a day.

There are still two exercises you can do, namely Jaw Exercises and Neck Exercises. If all the exercises and therapies still don’t make your tinnitus better, you can start looking for a local hearing care professional for solutions and having a hearing test done.