Eat a lot but stay slim? Here’s what you have to do

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It is no secret that when we are undergoing a diet program we are required not to eat much, what else to eat – random food, this rule has become a common thing and must be done if you want to be successful in a diet program. But, did you know that this is not always justified in the diet because to lose weight does not have to reduce the portion of food but maintain the number of calories that enter the body.

Imagine if even a small portion of food has quite a lot of calories, while eating a large portion of food has the same number of calories, which one would you choose? Eating small portions, or eating large portions? Of course eating large portions, in addition to being full for longer, the number of calories in remains the same, but it all comes back to what we are going to eat. Even so, you can also eat a lot and still be thin! Here comes the secret.

1. Eat as often as possible but.

The statement above will definitely make you enthusiastic about dieting, but you are also confused, how to eat as often as possible but the body can be thin? Yup, this statement is true in order to control your appetite. Eat as often as possible, 5 to 6 times a day, but remember to eat small portions, ladies. Because according to research, the more often you eat, the more calories you use for the digestive system, besides that, the opportunity for hunger can be controlled.

2. Eating only Nutravesta Proven Supplement

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3. Be faithful in following breakfast moments

Don’t miss breakfast time. Maybe this rule has often been heard in our ears, especially for dieters, but there are still many people who think skipping breakfast will reduce calories in the body even though it’s a big mistake, you know! Leaving breakfast time will only make your appetite bigger and slow down your body’s metabolism to build energy, for that you should eat breakfast as usual, if necessary, eat healthier menus such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables and cereals that contain lots of food. fiber but does not cause fat.

4. Make a snacking schedule

You can snack freely at will as long as you can schedule your snack time. Make a snacking schedule between heavy meals to help you avoid heavy eating so that your weight will be maintained. In addition to scheduling snacking, try adding your snack menu to a list of nutritious meals such as nuts, fruit or cookies.