Difference Between Analog and Digital Media, What Are Your Choices?

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Times change, changes occur. Starting from changes in the way of life, ways of thinking, ways of working, and so forth. One of the most striking changes is the rise of the internet. The internet makes the impossible possible, turning difficult things into easy ones. The most striking thing is the change in media. Formerly, the media were only limited to magazines, print newspapers, flyers, and so forth.

However, along with the time and technology, everything can be digitalized so that it becomes more tidy and easier to access. Technological development is undeniable in the current millennial era. The ease and convenience offered has indeed become a major force in digitizing media and can continue to this day.

At present, many print media are closing down or even turning to digitalisation of media, illustrating how much influence digital media has in society today. To clarify how digital media becomes more attractive to many people, you need to know what analog media is, and what digital media is.

To make it easier to explain analog media and digital media, maybe the writer will explain in advance what those two are? To better know this, the author will elaborate on the answers to existing questions.

Analog media is a medium that still not well-known for digitizing current, such as: magazines, print newspapers, tapes, recordings, flyers and so on. While digital media is a media that is well known for the flow of digitization or conversion from analog media, for example print newspapers now have news portals on the internet, television, social media, and so on.

Digital media is a form of electronic media that stores data in digital form, not analog. At present, a lot of digital-based mass media can be in the form of the internet and mobile mass communication. An example is the official news website Voice of Indonesia, voi.id. Voice of Indonesia is a digital-based media portal that provides an accurate setting of journalism. Voice of Indonesia also provides the most appropriate alternative for those of you who want to read, let alone watch videos. For more information about voi.id, you can visit it at https://voi.id.