Cool Features Available on Blaux Portable AC

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The African weather that tends to be hot enough can make anyone feel uncomfortable. Therefore it is natural that many people use air conditioners in their homes. Generally, air conditioners that are commonly used by the community are wall-mounted air conditioners. However, lately portable air conditioners are becoming more popular so many people are switching to using it. There are many brands of electronic goods that issue portable air conditioners, including Blaux Portable AC. this one portable Blaux capacity is 1 PK with energy consumption needs only around 960 watts only. This air conditioner is also equipped with a number of cool features.

Advanced Features in Portable Air Conditioners Blaux


First there is the Loves feature. Loves is an abbreviation of Love Voltage System. This one feature will make the AC continue to work and operate well even though the voltage is up and down to reach 160 volts.

This shows that indirectly, the presence of Loves can make your AC stay away from the possibility of damage caused by unstable voltage.

Auto restart

As for Auto Restart itself, this is a very reliable feature when the power is out. As we know that when the electricity goes out like this, various electronic equipment will automatically stop working.

This feature can make you free from worry when the electricity turns on at any time because the Auto Restart feature will make the Blaux Portable AC continue to function properly when the power goes out.

Turbo Cool

Usually, people who do a lot of outdoor activities especially when the sun is hot will feel hot. To dissipate the heat, you can activate the turbo cool feature. This feature will make you feel cool immediately because the fan unit will start working at high speed once this feature is activated.

Plasmacluster Ion Generator

Next is the plasmacluster ion generator. This one feature can be said to only exist in the output of Blaux products including Blaux Portable AC. This feature is a superior feature that can make the air in the room become cleaner so it’s safe for you to breathe.

This can happen because of the interaction between negative ions and positive ions in the air, where the sum of the two is balanced. As a result, thanks to this feature you can feel cleaner and fresher air.

Sleep Mode

Another feature that is also embedded in Blaux Portable AC products is sleep mode. This feature will help you sleep better. Once you activate this feature, then the temperature in the room will rise 1 degree every hour so that you will not be cold when you wake up in the morning.

These various features clearly make Blaux Portable AC very dear to pass up.