Best RAM and CPU Booster for Android

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CCleaner is one of the world’s famous cleaning software. This app can be taken as an app that frees up the phone space and optimizes it in order to do the tasks more efficiently. This is the best cleaning app for android. With its updates, the app gets higher with performance and also in efficiency. There are over 50 million user downloads to this, which shows that CCleaner has gone viral in many countries. About 4.7 ratings for this app show us that this is not an ordinary app that cleans phone storage, like other cleaning applications.

CCleaner offers you many special features such as clean junk and cache files, bring space into usable condition, Clean the RAM, Monitor how your system functions, and safe browsing. Let’s talk about the further and learn more about this CCleaner. Contain most of the favorite features of Clean Master application too.

Features of CCleaner App

Clean junk and cache in the device: It remain many cache and junk files from the different apps we work with, even if we don’t know. It affects the device’s performance and makes the device slow. Cleaning this cache and junk files helps the user experience the best performance on his / her device.

With this, CCleaner cleans the junk and cache files safely and optimizes the phone. Junk Files can occur in many different areas, such as applications, download folders, phone history, browser, and clipboard content. With the help of CCleaner, you can clear all junk in your device and speed up the device. For Android TV boxes you can use Filelinked to download free Android TV boosting apps.

Replace phone storage: This function can be considered a critical function that reclaims storage in your device. It helps remove all the unwanted applications and files that run in the background and free up the storage to do more important tasks. This clears obsolete and residual files from the storage and analyzes the storage space using a Storage Analyzer.

Storage Analyzer: This detects the apps that consume more data and drains your battery power. This also finds out the unused apps using the App Manager.

Speed up device: This function comes with the latest update. It cleans the memory and also stops running files and applications in the background. This function offers you a hibernating facility that halts apps that run in the background until the user manually opens the application and work with it.

Monitor the system: This checks the CPU usage, track the RAM and your internal storage, and monitor the battery level of the device and temperature.

How to use CCleaner on your PC

Now you can enjoy CCleaner on your windows or Mac PC with Nox player android emulator. It is very easy process that everyone can follow. First you need to download Nox player to your PC. Download according to your PC windows or Mac. It is free to download from the official website. After you install nox player to your PC you can download CCleaner to your PC through Nox player. Now install it like a normal android app.


CCleaner is a popular application that boosts your device’s performance. With the updates, it comes up with new features and facilities to help the user experience the maximum performance in the phone. This goes to individual app screens and finds out new information about those individual media folders. Before using the app, you should permit access to certain areas such as contacts, location, telephone, and storage to make it easier for the app to optimize your device.

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