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A contact hour consists of any lecture or lab time when the professor is instructing the coed or coaching the student while they apply the course information to an exercise. Regardless of the period of the course (i.e. a brief semester like summer time or intersession) and depending on the state or jurisdiction, a semester credit hour is contact hours per semester. Most faculty and university programs are three semester credit hours or contact hours, in order that they normally meet for 3 hours per week over a 15-week semester. A credit is the recognition for having taken a course in school or college, used as measure if sufficient hours have been made for commencement.

Heading Subheading Notes Artwork By N NON-LINKED CREDIT – This credit won’t create any new artist, nor link to any artist page. Photography N NON-LINKED CREDIT – This credit won’t create any new artist, nor link to any artist web page. Executive Producer N NON-LINKED CREDIT – This credit won’t create any new artist, nor hyperlink to any artist page. Other N NON-LINKED CREDIT – This credit will not create any new artist, nor hyperlink to any artist web page. To be used for roles credited on the discharge that aren’t musical or technical, and shouldn’t be linked, for instance, catering personnel, drivers and so forth. Please see the note here regarding ‘Thank You’ kind credits. Written By N NON-LINKED CREDIT – This credit is not going to create any new artist, nor link to any artist page.

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bank card a card which allows the holder to buy goods etc on credit. credit the invention to him; credited her recovery to an innovative remedy. used his credit with the police to get them to devote extra time to the case.

During the Age of the Empire, Arquitens-class mild cruisers have been usually used for this task. These example sentences are chosen automatically from numerous on-line news sources to replicate present usage of the word ‘credit.’ Views expressed in the examples do not characterize the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. If Trevor Bauer stunned the baseball business and opted to sign a brand new contract with the Cincinnati Reds this offseason, the Reds can credit his consolation level through the 2020 season. Many also credit the president with helping to drag vulnerable Republican Senate incumbents to re-election in South Carolina, Iowa and different states. Sales could have increased due to new necessities to purchase passes ahead of time, but some consultants still credit the demand to a desire to get outdoor this winter after pandemic lockdowns. Most analysts credit the administration’s tax cuts — signed into legislation in 2017 — for a major part of the features. Many historians credit the accomplishment with shortening the warfare and preventing many hundreds of deaths.

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You need to have a powerful credit historical past and an excellent job to be able to get a mortgage. ascribe, attribute, assign, impute, credit mean to lay something to the account of a person or factor. ascribe suggests an inferring or conjecturing of trigger, high quality, authorship. affect, authority, prestige, weight, credit mean energy exerted over the minds or behavior of others. influence might apply to a force exercised and obtained consciously or unconsciously. belief, religion, credence, credit imply assent to the truth of one thing offered for acceptance.

This still benefits the coed, because he or she can be taught something new and helpful, instead of repeating what’s already identified. DANTES and College Level Examination Program are two applications that supply faculty certain students credit by examination. In a university or university in the United States, students typically receive credit hours based mostly on the number of “contact hours” per week in school, for one time period; higher known as semester credit hours .

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  • Watch a video from our companion’s web page and earn credits for each view.
  • Credit Boosters can be purchased for Platinum to double the quantity credits gained by way of pick ups in sport.A three Day increase prices ‍forty.

Hoping to win the Millennium Falcon, the smuggler Han Solo once tracked Lando Calrissian to a jungle outpost on Numidian Prime and played him in a recreation of sabacc. Credits also got here within the type of credit ingots, which were usually stored in vaults and transported under heavy guard.

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Observers credit his clear message of change, high name recognition, appeal to Black voters and strong volunteer base for what many stated was a shock victory for the former front-runner that ended up having to fight from behind. Investors and analysts credit China’s quick recovery from the brand new coronavirus, Chinese drinkers’ growing thirst for pricier drinks, and a few smart company initiatives for the hot streak. Maybe the Huskies were sluggish, out of kinds, however give credit to CCSU coach Donyell Marshall. History will document it as such, although the media will try to give the incoming Biden administration the credit. Regulators may give banks credit for policing themselves, and Nguyen determined that would maintain true within the Chase matter, regulatory officers said. Another objective analysis that aside from that BYU outlier doesn’t give much credit to Group of Five applications. Mackey was quick to give credit to colleagues on the state department of training, working behind the scenes.