How to Choose Security Fencing

Metal chain link fence against a blue sky backgroundStep 1: Determine what your security fencing’s objectives are

A security risk survey and assessment of your surrounding environment reveals the strength of the security fencing that is needed along with any aesthetic needs that you have. Location, nighttime lighting, and local area crime rates all have to determine your choice in security fencing.

For example, if your premises are in a residential area, you will need to have security fencing that accounts for the potential for vandalism and trespassing, while blending in with the local surroundings at the same time. At an industrial park, the visual appeal will not be important. However, these areas might be more prone to break-ins since the locations are often isolated.

Step 2: Determine which areas of your site need to have fencing and the type they need

Your property’s perimeter will usually require security fencings like welded mesh fencing or vertical bar fencing. …